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Social Media and Medicine

Your source for news on medicine and social media, and how they build a culture of collaborative medicine

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  • Expanding Physician Communication with Social Media
  • 4 Ways to cure social media challenges
  • 4 Must-Read HCSM Articles

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Diagnostic Accuracy

Covering the latest in diagnostic accuracy, clinical decision making and patient safety

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  • Two-Way Communication: The Key to Superior Patient Care
  • Test overuse: Why does it happen and what can we do about it?
  • Creating Better Physician Communication within the Hospital

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Health Evolution

News from the world of health IT, digital health and telemedicine

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  • Hospitals turn to data analytics to enable 'hot spotting'
  • ElectroCore - Digital Health's Big Secret
  • Up next for care-hacking startups: Transforming data into action
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