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Save Physicians Time, Improve Quality

Best Doctors is a medical consultation service that supports your efforts to deliver the highest quality patient care. We help save your physicians’ time by providing a solution that allows them to collaborate on cases with thought leaders in their field. This collaboration provides consults in less time compared to a specialty hospital, ensures continuity of care for patients, and decreases the need for out-of-system referrals. 

How Does Best Doctors Work?

We provide physicians with virtual access to more than 53,000 medical specialists in over 450 specialties and subspecialties. We offer:

  • Case Review (InterConsultation®) – Our medical specialists conduct clinical reviews of your patient’s medical cases and synthesize the information to provide important clinical findings. 
  • Quick Consult – Your physicians can use Best Doctors for peer-to-peer/medical consultations in addition to accessing their own professional network.
  • Explore My Options – Educational tools and resources to help patients, caregivers and family members share in the medical decision-making process.
  • Physician Engagement Platform – Your physicians collaborate and network with leading specialists though an innovative online community.
  • Emergency Solution – Physicians can have real-time phone conversations with Emergency Department physicians during catastrophic events. These physicians are available 24/7 to help address urgent patient needs.

Why Partner with Best Doctors?

Benefits of providing Best Doctors at the point-of-care include:

  • Supports care for complex patients – Physicians can draw upon medical thought leaders to address diagnostic and treatment complexities of their patients.
  • Saves physicians’ time by collecting all case records – The Best Doctors clinical team gathers all relevant case materials from all facilities where a patient has been seen by a physician - including retesting lab reports, radiology and pathology reports.
  • Enables physicians to explore multiple evidence based options - A leading specialist complements your physicians’ care with a non-judgmental assessment of their patient cases, helping them to explore multiple diagnostic and treatment options.
  • Improves patient experience and care – Our efforts are aligned with your physicians’ to provide the right diagnosis and treatment, resulting in a better patient experience and higher quality care. In fact, over 95% of patients rate our services with the highest possible satisfaction rating.
  • Provides Free CME credits for physicians –  Physicians have the ability to earn Continued Medical Education (CME) credits for each clinical case submitted.  Each case equates to one credit hour. Best Doctors is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) to provide CME credits.

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