Health Plans

Achieve the Triple Aim by Ensuring Diagnostic Accuracy

Healthplan MeetingBest Doctors supports health plans achieving the Triple Aim by providing treating physicians and members access to world-renowned medical experts for a second-opinion review. By ensuring diagnostic and treatment accuracy with Best Doctors, health plans:
  • Improve quality of care by validating the right clinical pathway
  • Support primary care physicians by promoting care coordination and providing virtual access to renowned medical specialists
  • Avoid the costs of unnecessary hospitalizations, specialist visits, procedures and medications
  • Enhance the member experience with decision support and access to the nation’s top specialists

Partnering with Best Doctors

The Best Doctors solution includes two innovative offerings for health plans:

  • InterConsultation® – A unique, collaborative virtual second-opinion process that includes an in-depth review of a member’s case by a leading medical expert, resulting in a comprehensive expert report with diagnostic and treatment recommendations that is shared with both the treating physician and the member.
  • Critical Care InterConsultationSM – Critical care experts provide immediate and ongoing real-time expert clinical guidance in partnership with the local treating team during an acute or catastrophic medical event.

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