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A Strategic Partnership to Help Ensure the Highest Quality Care

Male businessmanBest Doctors is a low-cost benefit that helps you manage risks and contain costs while significantly improving member engagement and satisfaction. Our medical experts work collaboratively with your physicians to ensure that patients get the right diagnosis and treatment. So your members receive timely, accurate care and stay as healthy as possible.

Doctors today are overloaded with information, overbooked and limited in their time with patients. Consequently:

  • 34% of medical cases are misdiagnosed*
  • 68% of medical cases require a change in treatment*
  • 38% of surgeries are unnecessary

These inaccuracies erode the quality of care, increase costs and can have a direct, negative impact on your members’ health. What’s more, the pressures on physicians will only increase as healthcare reform adds millions of new patients.

We support your physicians and patients in an innovative new way, enabling us to “reinvent right” together. The result? Improved quality care. Better care coordination. Increased member satisfaction.

Partnering with Best Doctors

We provide your members and their treating MDs with virtual access to the top 5% of medical experts in over 450 specialties and subspecialties. We offer:

  • InterConsultationTM – Our medical experts conduct clinical reviews of your members’ medical cases, including a complete medical history and analysis of records, images, pathology, diagnoses and treatment plans.
  • Ask the Expert – Your members contact Best Doctors for expert answers to questions about health conditions and treatment options.
  • Physician Engagement Platform – Your physicians collaborate and network with our nationally renowned experts though an innovative online community that helps your members get the right care.

For Your Members

  • Improved member experience and care – Our efforts align with your care management strategy to provide the right diagnosis and treatment plan, resulting in a better member experience and high quality care.
  • Greater member engagement and empowerment – Best Doctors’ tools and resources are available at the point of care to support informed decision making.

For Physicians

  • Physician collaboration – Your network physicians have access to an innovative online platform that enables collaboration with renowned experts to ensure members get the right care.
  • Integrated information and coordinated care – Through our medical records collection process, we synthesize information and provide a comprehensive clinical summary of the entire medical history to your physicians, supporting their efforts to deliver high quality care.

For Your Health Management Strategy

  • Support of Medical Loss Ratio – The Best Doctors benefit is allocated as dollars spent toward improving the quality of care.
  • Reduced cost of care – By ensuring the right diagnosis and treatment plan, we help reduce unnecessary healthcare expenditures.
  • Expanded access to quality care – As an independent, trusted resource, Best Doctors provides your members with immediate, virtual access to expert opinions during times of medical uncertainty, improving member satisfaction and loyalty.

Since our founding in 1989 by Harvard Medical School physicians, we have worked to improve healthcare by ensuring that members have the right diagnosis and treatment plans. We welcome the chance to partner with your organization and “reinvent right” together.

For more information, contact Dean Packer at 1.717.668.7112 or

* Best Doctors 2012 U.S. data; consistent with findings of The American Journal of Medicine, The Journal of the American Medical Association and numerous other scholarly publications.